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Your Next Financial Crisis: How to Prevent It
BREAKING NEWS 18 November 2022
  Your Next Financial Crisis: How to Prevent It I want to start out by saying that this is something that is very important to me and, in m...
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Human-Animal Connections
  Human-Animal Connections: All of us adore our pets. I get asked frequently as a medical clairvoyant if people's favorite dogs go to h...
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Experimentation on Animals
  Experimentation on Animals: Millions of rabbits, primates, dogs, and mice must be undergoing surgery right now as you read this piece as ...
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Why Dogs Cover Up Pain
  Why Dogs Cover Up Pain: The pet of an animal lover is like their child. When their pet is ill, they feel awful for them and do their best...
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Pain Management in Pet Animals
Pain Management in Pet Animals: According to research, pain is a self-perpetuating condition that is triggered by each episode, making it e...
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Sciatica Treatment Options
Sciatica Treatment Options: Visiting a doctor's office: In order to identify the origin of sciatica, doctors do physical and neurologic...
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Several DIY remedies for sciatic nerve pain
BREAKING NEWS 24 September 2022
  Several DIY remedies for sciatic nerve pain: Mild to severe pain can result from pressure being imposed on the sciatic nerve by inflamed m...
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