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Experimentation on Animals

Experimentation on Animals:

Millions of rabbits, primates, dogs, and mice must be undergoing surgery right now as you read this piece as a result of the experiments being carried out on them for the maintenance and expansion of the human race. When we started killing these sentient beings solely for the advancement of our own race, we broke the balance and went beyond all bounds.

We subjected the poor, defenseless animals to our horrifying tests. They are forced to participate in agonizing clinical studies for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and other items. Our ignorance of the ethics and ideas underlying the infliction of such suffering onto these sentient beings shows that we have long since lost their rights. 

In laboratories located all over the world, millions of monkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs, rodents, etc. are subjected to gruesome tests. The medications being given to vulnerable animals can cause them to become drunk and burn alive. They are left to experience depravity, anxiety, depression, horror, helplessness, and other negative emotions during the physiological experiments. During vivisection procedures, they are electrified and their internal systems are injected with almost anything, including heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine. It is necessary to develop carcinoma in order to comprehend malignant cells and their effects. 

Some of these animals have been discovered to have skull-related holes because they were intended to be employed in brain-related research. For mice and rats, the situation is worse because there are no laws protecting their interests. While the researchers are required by law to use painkillers and anesthetics when necessary while working with other animals like guinea pigs, cats, and dogs, they are also supposed to hunt for other choices. Rats and mice, however, are exempt from this obligation. They are easily accessible, and using them for investigations does not require permission. 

The laboratories are left to commit their horrible acts on their own because the use of such animals for experimentation leaves them immune to any regulations and inspections.

In order to determine how certain products would affect humans, ocular irritation tests for dishwashing detergents, cosmetics, drain cleaners, etc. are administered to innocent animals like rabbits. These animals are frequently left with ocular disorders after such tests, such as blindness, redness, bleeding, edema, discharge, etc. Animals that are valuable and attractive, like rabbits, have their fur removed and have corrosive substances applied to their backs or other body parts. These animals are left in this condition for up to a fortnight without access to painkillers, and they frequently pass away from their wounds and anguish. 

In order to research cardiovascular disorders, spinal cord injuries, and other conditions, helpless animals are forced to endure spinal procedures. For more than six months, these animals are kept in torturous conditions before being butchered by barbarians. The helpless animals are subjected to horrifying tests in which they are considered nothing more than disposable rubbish.

Since primates are just as intelligent as humans, they must first endure traumatic separations from their loved ones and their native environment. They are imprisoned in brutal laboratories that force them to live alone and suffer from loneliness, insanity, and other deviant characteristics. 

These animals are used in pharmaceutical testing and are given infectious diseases and illnesses like HIV/AIDS in order to create vaccines that, despite decades of research, have yet to be effective against humans. 

They are subjected to the effects of deadly anthrax and bubonic epidemics in military experiments. These primates are separated from their mothers in these horrifyingly brutal studies to study the effects of maternal deprivation in order to comprehend the aches and emotional disorders brought on by such separations.

Some of the monkeys were discovered in one of the most horrifying studies with holes in their skulls, metal-resistance devices screwed inside of their heads, and even signs of electrodes put in their brains. In investigations of cognitive function, one of the surprising discoveries revealed that a portion of their brain had been removed or destroyed. 

Then, in order to observe their behavioral patterns, these poor creatures are rendered immobile and had their heads bolted to a location.

Cats and other animals are compelled to participate in intubation training exercises when hard plastic tubes are rammed down their windpipes, causing bleeding, swelling, scarring, collapsed lungs, and severe pain that frequently causes the animals to pass out. The cats are raised in dark environments while undergoing vision trials, and one or both of their eyes may be stitched shut or removed. These cats' spinal cords are crushed during orthopedic tests to cause paralysis or lower back problems. 

These cats suffer from such heinous experiments that they have faces that have been severed, eyes and ears that have been removed, and more.

Pigs are shot, stabbed, maimed, and burned in several facilities around the world in the name of experimentation. Their necks are punctured, needles are placed into their bones, and the tissue covering their hearts and lungs is removed. Keep in mind that most of these agonizing studies were carried out without the use of anesthetic or painkilling medications.

Despite the fact that there are other options for conducting these tests in laboratories, these innocent creatures are nonetheless subjected to all of these horrible procedures. The following are some alternatives to testing on animals that are available: 

• In Vitro Research: In vitro research conducts tests in a controlled environment, such as test tubes or Petri dishes, as opposed to utilizing animals. In addition to preventing the cruel slaughter of animals, these studies also yield more reliable outcomes. This presents better prospects for their management because the majority of diseases start to spread at the microscopic level.

• Computer and mathematical modeling: Methods like computers and mathematical modeling have helped researchers understand HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and other diseases. 

• Epidemiology: This is the study and treatment of illnesses in a specific population. Long-term epidemiological research has found connections between environmental toxins and occupational disorders, smoking and lung cancer, and heart disease and food.

• Autopsies: In addition to determining the type and cause of death, autopsies have proven crucial in determining the presence of an ailment that doctors frequently failed to diagnose. Most nations now recognize the benefits of autopsies, and increasing funding is being given to this field because it offers more promising outcomes than animal experimentation.