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Human-Animal Connections

Human-Animal Connections:

All of us adore our pets. I get asked frequently as a medical clairvoyant if people's favorite dogs go to heaven. "Yes, they do," is the response. Animals vibrate at a different frequency than humans do, and before you jump to conclusions, let me be clear: this means that they are on a higher, not a lower, plane! Animals do not struggle with an ego the way that humans do. Additionally, a lot of animals resonate with the color green, which is associated with unconditional love and teaching.

I interpret animal energy and consciousness differently than I do human energy and consciousness, in part because of the ego. Cows and goats have varied levels of consciousness, as do horses and dogs, and cats. Cats, on the other hand, are cats. 

As holy as birth is death. Humans are unaware that dying requires an equal amount of energy as growing and giving birth. There are loved ones (including our animals) waiting for us on the "other side" just as we wait for a birth to happen on this side of the veil. During a reading for a client, I frequently see all kinds of animals with the people they loved, from pet birds to elephants. Many of those dogs may have been our childhood friends who have remained with us in spirit to help us and be our companions as we age. 

I was recently questioned by a woman about her cancer-stricken dog's continued visits to the barn. She questioned whether he was looking for a place to die and, if so, what causes this pattern of behavior. I told her that animals either strive to find comfort by changing their environment or vanish as a matter of energy. In essence, it is a sort of nesting that involves looking for a place to feel grounded and to gather energy before going "home." The animal can choose a safe area to let go thanks to instinct. It's partly to spare their humans any suffering. The vast quantity of energy needed for them to cross over is also provided by nature. 

Since my partner, Tom is a large animal veterinarian, I have had an excellent classroom over the past two years to study more about the energy link between animals and humans. I've had the honor of accompanying "Dr. Tom" on rounds and being present when he's had to put cherished pets to sleep, some of whom no one else seemed to care about. Tom has always been very interested in what occurs as animals transition, and he is a huge supporter of my work. 

I'm discovering that every transition is unique. Yes, I said "grateful"; the animals are appreciative of Tom's role in their transformation. It's interesting that some of those animals find their way to his farm after they pass away. This may be because it was the only time in their lives (to their deaths) that they felt genuine kindness.

One specific event with Dr. Tom that I can recall involves an old draft horse. She was stunning, but she could barely move because of the pain. I held the halter as Tom gently spoke to her and informed her that she was going home as we walked her to the area the owner had prepared for her to rest. 

He assured her, "I will take the agony away; it is time for the next phase in your path," in his mesmerizing manner of healing. (I'm certain that this was said more for the owners' and my comfort than it was for the animal.) He then gave her a sedative to help her relax and make the changeover. The process is always respectable and fortunate.

What follows is what? The transition for each animal is unique, just as it is for each person, but in each case, the spirit leaves the body. 

I had the honor of seeing the elderly draft horse's spirit rise up and soar with freedom and joy it had not felt in a long time! Another horse was close, a young mare that watched the action from a hill. The mare on the hill shifted and flew off the moment the old draft horse did. When she spotted her pal, she started rushing after her. If you've ever seen the Jean Stapleton and John Travolta film Michael, the ending is the BEST representation of death ever because they dance, dance, dance... Guess what, though? 

Even animals dance! Imagine being able to see your pals, escape the confines of your body, and be pain-free all at once. How fantastic is that?   

Animals that are still alive can perceive what is happening and glimpse the other side. Dogs and cats have excellent clairvoyance and hearing. We humans are only now beginning to understand that animals are sensitive, intelligent beings. Tom and I were called to a farm one Christmas to treat a colt with illness.

Beyond the reach of conventional medical care, it was in pain. A group of young girls was standing in the barn tending to the injured animal. As other animals made their way to say goodbye, the barn quickly filled up as Tom headed to his truck to retrieve his gear. 

There were no complaints, not even the chickens! Other animal spirits were present as well, making both sides of the curtain well-represented. Tom said his words of respect as he bent down to tend to the ill colt. The devotion in that barn was palpably greater than in any cathedral I had ever entered. Being a part of that experience made me feel honored.

I get this question a lot: "Can you talk to animals?" Again, the response is "Yes." The energy used in animal communication is completely different. I can practically sense the animals' reactions when they show me photographs. Even fish can access awareness. 

It feels like I can briefly place myself in their "paws." Instead of taking it literally, I want to interpret it energetically. I have a lot of acquaintances that are animal communicators. In actuality, some people might be paying more attention to the owners than the animals. I'm not attempting to disprove how they communicate; I'm just letting you know that most animal communicators focus on the BETWEEN relationship or the bond between the animal and its owner. I salute that talent. Communication is stronger the closer the buddy is to a human and vice versa. It has nothing to do with how intelligent the animal is. 

Animal-assisted transition or euthanasia is not wrong and shouldn't be accompanied by feelings of sorrow. The life that has been lived would be invalidated by guilt and remorse. I questioned Dr. Tom about how he determines when euthanasia is appropriate. He said that because their eyes are their gateway to spirit, he can tell when the time is right by looking into them. That is also how he determines when to comfort the owners. I can relate to his justification because I've had to euthanize numerous dogs over the years. Since getting to know Tom, I've encountered a lot of animals that required help transitioning, including goats, calves, colts, and smaller creatures like birds, fish, and even chickens. 

Death and transition in humans are more challenging than in our animal friends. To assist us to avoid suffering, our guardian angels will remove us from our bodies, just like they will do with our loving pets. It's time to let go of your guilt if you feel responsible for a cherished companion's suffering alone due to an accident or your absence. Suffering frequently serves as a learning opportunity for someone. I implore you to let go of your guilt and exchange it for thanks for the life that has been lived and shared.

Although they have feelings, pets do not struggle with ego. The same ego prevents people from experiencing life beyond death. 

Animals do experience some fear, but it is an instinctive, love-based dread. Fear in animals stems from a desire to stay with their human counterparts. Taking away YOUR suffering and YOUR anxiety about their departure can help take away YOUR anxiety. It flows. When you have to make a choice, remember Dr. Tom's famous words: "I'll take the agony away; it's time for the next step in your trip." Because they can console you just as much as your cherished partner, use these words in a consoling and prophetic manner.

The tough process of releasing them can be better accepted and blessed when we support our animal companion's passage with love, comfort, and grace. Compassion is an honorable quality. 

Author, speaker, and respected psychic Catherine Poole is well-known throughout the world. She has a degree in graphic design and has over fifteen years of experience teaching color theory and graphic design, including nine years at the University of Notre Dame. She has discussed the applications and impacts of color in both the United States and Europe. Because of her extraordinary capacity to perceive the human energy field, Catherine earned the title "The Queen of Color" in the design industry. She applied her talent to product packaging and design, as well as marketing and advertising initiatives.  

In order to help people comprehend their emotions, energies, and life's purpose, Catherine now combines her years of expertise as a university lecturer with her lifetime of psychic ability. She is referred to as a medical intuitive, although she does not diagnose; instead, she offers intuitive assistance and helps clients discover the "why me" behind their current life, health, and spiritual circumstances. She co-authored Everyday Lessons: Understanding the Events, Interactions, and Attitudes that Make Up Your Life (Integrated Concepts Publishing, 2004), and she is the author of Beyond Food, Fat, and Fear: The Metaphysics of Weight Release (Llewellyn Worldwide Fall, 2009)